Cardano Development

ILX Fund is setting up an Emerging Market (EM) focused private credit fund that will invest in a diversified portfolio of loan participations originated and structured by bilateral and multilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFIs).

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TCX contributes to reducing currency risks by hedging these risks in frontier markets.


BIX Capital stimulates the use of impact certificates for essential household products in developing countries.

Frontclear provides guarantees to enhance (interbank) collateralized trading in frontier economies.

The Water Financing Facility mobilizes domestic investment into climate compatible water sector projects through the local bond market.

GuarantCo encourages infrastructure development in low income countries through the provision of credit guarantees that enable infrastructure projects to raise debt finance.

Cardano Development

Cardano Development is committed to helping frontier economies develop and prosper. Our goal is to address particular financial and risk-based challenges faced in frontier markets.

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Our initiatives

We have created (or are developing) a diverse number of initiatives. They all aim to make people and businesses more resilient and protected against risk.

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Cardano Development focuses on developing innovative financial risk management solutions that are practical and can be scaled-up.

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“The basic mission of finance is to set up arrangements whereby people may pursue risky opportunities without themselves being destroyed by this risk, and arrangements that incentivize people to behave in a socially constructive manner.”

- Robert J. Shiller, Nobel laureate, 2013