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Cardano Development has been successful in establishing initiatives and funds which aim to develop and implement financial risk management techniques in markets and for institutions that are not served by the market. Cardano Development is one of those innovative organizations that are driven by the ambition to reduce poverty levels by contributing to the development of the financial system of the country. To create jobs, and to lift people out of poverty.

Financial systems in frontier economies do not change instantly. Their development is highly dependent on a complex set of macro-economic factors and an adequate regulatory regime, which contribute to a stable environment. By nature, the initiatives under Cardano Development operate in markets where these framework conditions are absent or not working effectively. Cardano Development brings more stability and resilience in a volatile world, where financial markets have to be strengthened. Economic well-being and financial stability helps to raise living standards. In addition, it is the aim of Cardano Development and its initiatives to contribute to sustainable environmental developments.

We pursue our mission not only by making financial risk management products available to our clients, but also by using our experience and making it available to others in order to assist in further development. However, our size is limited and it cannot solve the needs of all borrowers in developing economies. To bring about impact more broadly, we aim to act as a catalyst and demonstrate the benefits of using financial risk management products, so that its existence assists others to find solutions and achieving impact beyond its direct transactional capacity. Moreover, smart funding can spur financing from a diversified pool of investors. All our funds and initiatives aim to leverage public funds and private grants to generate enough capital to reach a scale so we can make a difference.

Cardano Development aims to be a results oriented, accountable and transparent organization. To understand how the initiatives under Cardano Development contribute to making frontier markets more resilient to shocks, theories of change have been developed by the initiatives. How the situation of clients would have changed if our intervention would not have occurred is assessed in development reviews and case studies.

TCX: Theory of Change – Development Reviews – Case Study

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FrontClear: Theory of Change – Development Review – Case Study

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Initiatives: Theories of Change

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