Frontclear Academy launched

Cardano Development’s money markets development company Frontclear has launched its on-line training platform: Frontclear Academy. The Frontclear Academy is a global facility where Ugandan and Ghanaian users have gained access to more than 10 conceptual and operational courses on knowledge and skills relevant to money and interbank markets.

The development of EMDC money markets and secondary bond markets, are going into high gear. Many countries are decisively taking on more conducive legal & regulatory frameworks including passing netting regulation as well as developing much needed market infrastructure. The knowledge of banks’ staff and wider regulators in these markets, needs to keep pace with the developments. The Frontclear Academy offers markets like Uganda and Ghana, the opportunity to continually learn in a world having shifted on-line. Frontclear has been providing on-site training to EMDC market participants since 2016. With the conviction that training is a key component to money market development, the Frontclear Academy offers continuity amidst COVID-19 related travel restrictions.

“The current course offering speaks directly to conceptually understanding the foundation of money markets to the practical skills required to operationalize a trade. We are excited to have opened the Academy to the Ugandan market and look forward to doing the same shortly in Ghana and other markets.” – Ingrid Hagen, Vice President Strategic Projects at Frontclear

Frontclear Academy Uganda press release.

Frontclear Academy Ghana press release.

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