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Introducing our Impact Review and Trends document 2022

It is with great pleasure Cardano Development (CD) is announcing the launch of its first ever Impact Review and Trends 2022 document. In this review, we showcase how CD is contributing to accelerating financial sector development through our unique pathway to change.

To contribute to a better society and environment, and to ensure we meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it’s essential for us to have an impact logic in place. And it’s just as vital to reflect on that strategy, to ensure we really are making a difference.

Most financial development investors quantify impact in terms of jobs created and CO2 emissions avoided. Although some of the Cardano Development group companies follow this impact logic, we realize our impact has a more systemic knock-on effect within local financial markets. It is not a clear-cut process to quantify and attribute to our work alone. By discussing some of our case studies we look backwards at our impact and forwards at financial market trends to illustrate how we directly and indirectly promote the acceleration of financial market development and align with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ultimately, we have the ambition to further quantify our impact, for now, this review represents an important step in the right direction as we seek to measure and illustrate our impact in a meaningful and accurate way.

“Cardano Development’s first Impact Review really gives unique insights into how its team is utilising a range of financial instruments to open up capital markets for investment and rising to the biggest challenge in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, mobilising institutional and private capital to finance the SDGs.

I believe potential investors and the wider development finance community can take away a vital understanding of the perceived risks that hold back large-scale investments in these developing countries and understand how they can be a part of the solution to bridge the financing gap.”

– Alice Chapple, Director Impact Value

“At Cardano Development creating an impact in frontier and emerging financial markets has always been a part of our DNA. Since 2007, our team has been driven by a shared belief that finance is an essential ingredient to inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic growth. And I’m pleased to say with the support of development banks, donors and partners we have mobilised $2.5 billion into these markets through our financial innovations.”

– Joost Zuidberg CEO Cardano Development

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