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Cardano Development and Impact Investor Evenpar announce partnership

Cardano Development will support Evenpar with back- and mid-office services such as legal, compliance, reporting and administration. The partnership between Cardano Development and Evenpar holds tremendous promise due to the complementary nature of our respective competencies. Cardano Development brings its extensive industry knowledge, global network, and proven track record in delivering sustainable solutions, while Evenpar injects fresh perspectives and a passion for driving positive change. Together, we will create a powerful synergy that drives innovation, scalability, and lasting impact.

Cardano Development CEO, Joost Zuidberg stated: “Cardano Development is thrilled to partner with Evenpar, a young, dynamic and innovative investment manager. By providing comprehensive fund support activities, Cardano Development will empower Evenpar to maximise its potential and scale its impact. With this collaboration, we aim to bolster sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets and pave the way for a brighter, greener future.”

Pjotr Schade, Managing Director of Evenpar added: “with its global reach and 16 years of experience in impact investing, Cardano Development provides assurance to Evenpar’s stakeholders that fund support activities are executed against the highest standards. This allows the Evenpar team to focus on its core activities: investing in great projects!”

Together we can boost inclusive and sustainable economic growth
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