SDG Impact Finance Initiative announces the first winners under the Product Window
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SDG Impact Finance Initiative announces the first winners under the Product Window

The SDG Impact Finance Initiative proudly presents the winners of our recent Product Window call for proposals. These projects stand out for their commitment to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and catalyzing private investments towards these. An overall investment of CHF 5 million in form of first-loss equity will be distributed among these remarkable initiatives, propelling them towards realizing their impact goals.

Introducing Our Awardees

  • Mirova Sustainable Land Fund 2 (SLF2)The SLF2 fund from Mirova is at the intersection of sustainable land use and climate action. By investing in forestry and agroforestry projects, they aim to combat deforestation, enhance carbon sequestration, and support biodiversity, making a direct impact on climate resilience and sustainable community livelihoods.
  • Cardano Development AGRI3 Fund: With a focus on sustainable agriculture and forest conservation, the AGRI3 fund is poised to transform rural economies. By providing technical assistance and financial products to support the shift towards sustainable practices, they envision a future where agriculture contributes to environmental conservation and enhances rural livelihoods.
  • On.Capital / SouthBridge Group Energy Go Getters Fund (EGGF): The EGGF fund is pioneering efforts to solve energy challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their commitment to investing equity in scalable and impactful ventures promises to improve clean electricity access for 25 million people, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and business innovations.

These projects exemplify the power of impact investing to drive sustainable development and climate action. Their approaches—ranging from sustainable land management and conservation to renewable energy solutions—reflect a shared commitment to creating a more sustainable, equitable world.

The SDG Impact Finance Initiative is thrilled to support these transformative projects! Their work not only aligns with our mission to catalyze private sector capital towards impactful solutions but also demonstrates the tangible difference that innovative, sustainability-focused investments can make.

Together, we celebrate the achievements of our winners and look forward to their continued success in making a profound impact on our planet and its people.

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