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Vice Chairman

Arjan Erkel is partner and co-owner of the management consultancy firm Walking Tree B.V., chairman of the World Citizen Foundation in Rotterdam and fundraiser for Free a Girl, a foundation which he co-founded in 2008. Arjan’s primary role now is as a motivational speaker, providing workshops and talks for businesses and public bodies.

Arjan holds a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology (Nijmegen). After his studies he held various managerial positions within the development sector in The Netherlands as well in Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Uganda and Russia.

During his time as Country Manager for MSF in Russia, he fell victim to a kidnapping, which lasted 20 months. This experience enticed him to co-author several books and more recently he has started using theatre as a medium for telling his story and inspiring others.

Member of:
Cardano Development Foundation Board and Supervisory Board.

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